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We take great pride in the care and expertise we bring to creating perfect nails for our customers that are healthy as well as stunning. Our nail dipping powders, gels, nail polishes, and nail extension systems are top quality, as we only use premium products from highly reputable brands such as SNS, Nitro, Pixie, OPI, Gelish, The Gel Bottle and Apres

We place a strong emphasis on using products that are naturally processed and free of harsh chemicals and odours.


We’ll create nails for you that are long-lasting, healthy and durable, with an exceptional finish. Matt and gloss finish polishes are available.


Indulge yourself from our range of professional manicures and pedicures. If you're unsure which option is best suited for you and your lifestyle - talk to one of our team.


Dipping powder 

On natural nails (short-med)
Removal & application short/med natural 
Long natural nail bed extra from

Additional cuticle work                     
Deluxe manicure (short-med) 
Deluxe manicure (long length) 
Super deluxe manicure (short-med) 
Super deluxe manicure (long length)   
Full set of SNS extensions (short-med)
Full set of SNS extensions (long length) 

Repair - 1 Nail (natural nail)
Repair - 1 Nail (extension repair) 
White French Tip (short nails)
White French Tip (long nails)
Colour French Tip (short nails)
Colour French Tip (long nails)
3 colours SNS
5 colours SNS

Removal & tidy-up only    
Ombre two colour art design     







+ $10
+ $35
+ $15
+ $35
+ $10
+ $15


+ $25


Manicure  $62 

Relax with a reflexology massage and organic spa treatment lotion. Let us soothe and relax you,  with a first-class manicure to finish.


Deluxe manicure  $67                                     
Indulge yourself in a reflexology massage, organic spa treatment lotion and a buffing sugar scrub. We’ll impart beauty, suppleness and health to your skin. Finished with an immaculate manicure.


Super deluxe manicure  $77

This whole nine yards spa package includes a reflexology massage, organic spa treatment lotion, a buffing sugar scrub, detox mask and hot stone. We finish with a warm towel and a stunning polish in your choice of colour. Your hands will look and feel soft, youthful and beautiful. Heaven.


Regular pedicure  $65 

Treatment includes a heel scrub, soothing foot massage with our organic lotion, finished with a gorgeous polish in the colour of your choice. 


Deluxe pedicure  $70                                     

A deeper reflexology massage, organic moisturising lotion and full organic foot scrub to reveal youthful, soft skin. Completed with a beautiful polish in the colour of your choice.


Super deluxe pedicur$80

Foot pampering fit for royalty. A luxurious 50-minute session with reflexology massage, heel treatment, cuticle tidy, full organic foot scrub, detox foot mask & hot stone. Finished with a warm towel, organic moisturiser and a fabulous polish in the colour of your choice. Your feet will look and feel beautiful, young, and soft. 

Royal pedicure $90  
Treat your tired feet like royalty with the first FDA-approved pedicure.

  • Start with a Lavender & Chamomile Salt Soak: Lavender and chamomile are known for their soothing properties, which can help alleviate soreness and reduce inflammation.

  • Combine Hemp Oil Extract: this soak provides a calm and therapeutic relaxation experience, beneficial for loosening muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

  • Soothing Scrub: helps exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing fresher and younger looking skin. Removing dead skin can also aid in improving overall foot health.

  • Calming Lotion: helps moisturise the feet, provides additional nourishment and protection to the skin.

  • Lavender & Chamomile Renewal Mask: aims to restore natural hydration to the skin and provides deep nourishment, essential for foot health.

  • Hot Stone Massage and Hot Towels: hot stone massage can further relax muscles, reduce tension and enhance the overall soothing experience, providing additional comfort and relaxation.

  • Polish of your choice: finish off with the polish of your choice for a personal touch.


Pedicure & manicure package                      
Cut, buff, shape & polish on toes                  
Cut, buff, shape & polish on hands  
Gel base coat for extra strength                  Gel removal & tidy-up  
White French tips
Gel polish removal with other service

+ $10
+ $10
+ $5


+ $10









Full set with normal polish
Full set with gel polish
Extra length (price starting from)
Infill with normal polish
Infill with gel polish

Full set for toes normal polish (pedi not included)
Full set for toes with gel polish (pedi not included)
Infill for toes normal polish (pedi not included)
Infill for toes with gel polish (pedi not included)

Overlay coating on natural nails with gel/normal polish
Nail repair (per nail)
Acrylic/gel removal with buff and shape


World-leading soft gel extension that is 100% soak-off.



from $10

Full set: 1-2 gel colours
Soak-off and new set
Extension repair (per nail)
Extension removal: natural nails filed, shaped, and buffed
Cut down and shape
Extra length    


A soak-off gel that’s an even lighter, more flexible than polygel or acrylic.

BIAB/Builder Gel, natural short/med nails

BIAB/Builder Gel, natural long nails  
Extra cuticle work 

Full set of BIAB/Builder Gel extensions

Short/medium nails

Long nails

Infill Builder Gel
BIAB/Builder Gel removal on top of another service
BIAB/Builder Gel removal and tidy up only  


+ $10






+ $10



Regular manicure      
Deluxe manicure
Super deluxe manicure 
Regular pedicure 
Deluxe pedicure
Super deluxe pedicure
Pedicure and manicure package
Cut, buff, shape and polish on toes 
Cut, buff, shape and polish on hands 
French polish (additional)   

+ $5​


$5-$15 per nail
$30 - $80

​Nail art design     
Nail art design, full set 
Children’s nails: cut, buff, shape (under 9)
Children’s toes: cut, buff, shape (under 9) 



We work to ensure that every client’s lashes suit their eye and face shape. Our lashes are applied individually with total coverage of the natural lash to ensure your natural lashes continue to grow perfectly underneath.

We discuss the application process with you in full, design the perfect look for you and make sure aftercare is put in place so your gorgeous new lashes last as long as possible.


The classic lash application involves one silk eyelash extension for each natural lash. Length is customised to suit each person and is determined by the length and health of your natural lashes. The illusion of wearing mascara is perfect for everyday wear. Classic sets will only be as full as your own natural lashes.


The ultimate ostentatious volume in a lash, with two to six extensions per natural eyelash. Perfect for high-impact volume and to thicken naturally light lashes. From subtle to dramatic, we’ll help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of. Extensions range from 0.03 mm to 0.07 mm in diameter, for either a soft and fluffy natural look, or mega volume (suitable for naturally strong lashes).


  • Please be aware full Russian and Mega will look really intense/dramatic on some people

  • Please be aware that Russian volume and mega Russian volume eyelash extensions might take two hours or more for application.


To maintain your extensions, infills are recommended between 2-3 weeks. 

Please note we do not infill lashes from other salons except Kiwi Beauty Salon in Wellington.

You have to have more than 50% lash extension left to qualify for an infill.


Infill (between 7-14 days) - $70 / 45mins
Infill (between 15-25 days) - $80 / 60mins


MIX SET CLASSIC & VOLUME (50/50)  $145 / 75mins
Infill (between 7-14 days) - $85 / 45mins

Infill (between 15-25 days) - $95 / 60mins

LIGHT SET OF RUSSIAN VOLUME (70% coverage)  $170 / 90mins
Infill (between 7-14 days) - $90 / 45mins
Infill (between 15-25 days) - $105 / 60mins


FULL SET OF RUSSIAN VOLUME (90% coverage)  $225 / 120mins
Infill (between 7-14 days) - $110 / 60mins
Infill (between 15-25 days) - $135 / 75mins

Infill (between 7-14 days) - $100 / 50mins
Infill (between 15-25 days) - $130 / 75mins


MEGA VOLUME 8D-15D (100% coverage) $385 / 2.5 - 3hrs
Infill (between 7-14 days) - $145 / 60mins
Infill (between 15-25 days) - $170 / 90mins


Bottom lashes 
Colour lashes
Make-up removal
Extension removal with service
Extension removal

+ $30
+ $45


Lash lift                                  
Lash lift and tint                     
Lash lift, tint, and brow tint 
Brow lamination
Brow lamination with tint 



Upper lip or chin wax
Lip and chin wax
Underarm wax
Brow wax (shape)
Lash tint
Brow tint
Lash and brow tint
Eye trio – lash and brow tint, brow shape
Henna brow & wax
Henna eye trio – lash and brow tint, brow shape


Permanent Makeup



No more drawing on brows! Perfectly positioned, shaped, and coloured permanent brows will greatly enhance the balance and look of your face. 


All Luster & Co brow creations include:

  • A full consultation

  • Personalised brow measurements

  • Shaping to suit your unique face shape and bone structure.


We’ll advise you on the most appropriate technique to achieve the look you want. Choose from microblading, ombre, a powder brow, or a combination.


For those who want to enjoy a defined, individual look, brows are filled with one colour to create a powdered appearance. It’s ideal for those with oily skin. 


  • First session $400 

  • Second session (within 4-6 weeks): $200


We start with a lighter front colour and end with a darker, more defined tail of the brow. 



  • First session $400

  • Second session (within 4-6 weeks): $200

  • 12-18 month colour boost $300 

  • 18-24 month colour boost $400


The process involves using a small handheld tool to implant pigment into the upper dermal layer of the skin, in hair-like strokes that mimic the natural appearance of the eyebrows. This technique creates the most realistic brows.



  • First session $500

  • Second session (within 4-6 weeks): $250


Microblading creates a natural semi-permanent look with perfect brows that last for 12 to 18 months. Microblading uses a manual tool with a small blade with micro-needles that enable super-fine, hair-like strokes. The pigment is placed in the thin layer just below the epidermis. This technique is well-suited for dry to normal skin. Our microblading service includes a touch-up within 6 weeks.



  • First session $450

  • Second session (within 4-6 weeks) $200

  • 12-18 month colour boost $350

  • 18-24 month colour boost $429


We start by using our microblade technique to create fine hairstrokes throughout the front of your brows for a softer look, then finish with a strong, defined, powdered tail. Our combination brows service includes a touch-up within 6 weeks.



  • First session $500

  • Second session (within 4 to 6 weeks) $200

  • 12-18 month colour boost $359

  • 18-24 month colour boost $449

PLEASE NOTE: Colour boosts are for existing customers only within 24 months. Please book your appointment at least 3 months in advance.


This classic PMU ensures that you never have to worry about perfect liner. We offer both top and bottom eyeliner. 


  • Top eyeliner first session $450

  • Top eyeliner second session (within 4 to 6 weeks): $150

  • Bottom eyeliner first session $250

  • Bottom eyeliner second session (within 4 to 6 weeks): $150

  • Ombre top eyeliner first session $400

  • Ombre top eyeliner second session (within 4 to 6 weeks): $150


For those who want naturally luscious lips, let us enhance your lip-line with this cosmetic tattoo treatment. We start by outlining the lip border, then shade into the middle, giving the appearance of full-bodied lips. The result is a lasting blended lip colour that’s lip-smackingly good.


  • First session $480

  • Second session $200 

  • Colour correction First session $500 

  • Colour correction touch up $200 




At Lustre & Co., we believe that true beauty begins with self-care, and our latest in-salon experience is designed to elevate your pampering ritual to new heights.

Immerse yourself in a world of indulgence as our skilled professionals curate a bespoke journey tailored to your unique needs. From invigorating scalp treatments that nourish and rejuvenate to the artistry of hair washing, we seamlessly blend the science of hair care with the elegance of facial cleansing and soothing facial massages.

It's not just a treatment; it's a sensory escape, a moment crafted for you to unwind, rejuvenate, and bask in the opulence of self-love.


  1. Shampoo + Conditioner

  2. Simple Scalp Massage 

  3. Dry Hair + Apply Hair Serum        

30 MINS | $68

Add on | Warm Herbal Eye Mask $15 


This treatment is ideal for people with normal hair, but is especially beneficial for those with dull, damaged/fragile hair or an itchy scalp. This treatment aims to provide long-lasting nourishment, vibrancy and hydration. You will leave feeling relaxed and truly pampered.        ​

  1.  Hair brush with head massage

  2. Application of shampoo

  3. Rinse and wash your face with our foaming facial cleanser  

  4. Acupressure head and ear massage 

  5.  Application of second shampoo and rinse off

  6. Application of keratin conditioner and head massage

  7. Rinse hair 

  8. Application of facial sunblock

  9. Blow-dry hair + Apply Hair Serum 

55 MINS | $98

Add on | Warm Herbal Eye Mask $15 


A simply divine hair, scalp and skin service, we focus on washing your hair with a gentle massage to release dirt and oil from your hair and scalp. We use water shower circulation over the head during the process to stimulate blood circulation, leaving you feeling relaxed & unwound for a better sleep. At the same time, experience a gentle massage from the head to the neck to improve microcirculation that boots the lymphatic system. Pure comfort and relaxation for your mind, body and soul.             ​

  1.  Hair brush and head massage

  2. Application of shampoo

  3. Skin Exfoliation + Face Wash

  4. Face Massage (10 mins)

  5. Apply Mask on Face

  6. Head massage to improve blood circulation

  7. Neck, Nape, and Shoulder Massage

  8. Relax under the Falling Water Ring

  9. Arm and Hand Massage with hot oil 

  10. Clean face, neck and shoulders with Hot towel

  11. Application of second shampoo and rinse off

  12. Application of keratin conditioner and head massage

  13. Rinse hair

  14. Application of toner and facial sun cream

  15. Blow-dry hair + Apply Hair Serum

90 MINS | $135

Add on | Warm Herbal Eye Mask $15 

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